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2023 Red Devils Soccer Schedule

Tuesday January 24thElbert County Scrimmage@LC5:30/7:30
Wednesday Feb 1stLOA (JV) Girls@LC5:30
Monday Feb 6thHarlem@LC5:30/7
Wednesday Feb 8thHarlem (JV)@Harlem5:30/7
Thursday Feb 9thJefferson County@LC5:30/7
Tue Feb 14thJefferson County@JC5:30/7
Wednesday Feb 15thHart County (JV)@HC5:30/7
Friday Feb 17thWashington-Wilkes@LC5:30/7:30
Tuesday Feb 21stLaney@LC5:30/7:30
Wednesday Feb 22ndThomson@LC5:30/7:30
Friday Feb 24thHephzibah@LC5:30/7:30
Monday Feb 27thHarlem (JV)@LC5:30/7
Tuesday Feb 28thAquinas@AHC5:30/7:30
Tuesday March 7thWashington-Wilkes*@WW5:30/7:30
Friday March 10thGMC*@LC5:30/7:30
Tuesday March 14thAquinas*@LC5:30/7:30
Thursday March 16thBarrow Art and Science (JV) Girls@BA&S5:30
Friday March 17thThomson@Thomson5:30/7:30
Monday March 20thBarrow Art and Science (JV) Girls@LC6:30
Tuesday March 21stLOA*@LC5:30/7:30
Friday March 24thGreene County*@GC5:30/7:30
Tuesday March 28thTowns County*@TC5:30/7:30
Wednesday March 29thLOA (JV) Girls@LOA6:30
Thursday March 30thGreene County@LC5:30/7:30